Ratan Tata Flags in Superdrive Convoy

on Friday, July 2, 2010

Tata Group Chairman Mr Ratan Tata flagged in the Nano Superdrive convoy at Hotel Taj President on 28th June. This was done in full presence of media, who clicked the Nanos and Mr Ratan Tata posing with it, to their heart's content. It was good experience watching hundreds of flashes going off simultaneously all over...

From TataNanoSuperdrive

Mr Ratan Tata also released a book on Nano, titled "Small Wonder"

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The hall was jam packed with media people
From TataNanoSuperdrive

A corporate video on superdrive was shown to media (watch the same below) and a very brief description of Superdrive was given.

I felt the event itself ended so soon. Could have been a bit longer, as I overheard media people complaining that they'd nothing much to record.

Next day at Mumbai airport, I was going through the newspapers to findout what coverage Nano Superdrive got. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed... Almost all newspapers elaborated on Tata Motor's Fund raising plans (as detailed in quarterly plans) and Superdrive news was confined to the caption of photograph. Sad but can't help it.

It was a great experience being part of Nano Superdrive as an Official Blogger. Back home, I'm missing the Nanos (the drive, landmark activities, customer meets...) and getting used to normal life. Stay tuned to enidhi.net for further updates