Green Route Bog receives max hits

on Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Was just having a look at the stats of my Green route blog on blogger, found that Green Route blog has maximum visits of the 3. Here're some screenshots of the 3 blog traffic. Click on the image for larger pics

Thanks for your support guys

Ratan Tata Flags in Superdrive Convoy

on Friday, July 2, 2010

Tata Group Chairman Mr Ratan Tata flagged in the Nano Superdrive convoy at Hotel Taj President on 28th June. This was done in full presence of media, who clicked the Nanos and Mr Ratan Tata posing with it, to their heart's content. It was good experience watching hundreds of flashes going off simultaneously all over...

From TataNanoSuperdrive

Mr Ratan Tata also released a book on Nano, titled "Small Wonder"

From TataNanoSuperdrive

The hall was jam packed with media people
From TataNanoSuperdrive

A corporate video on superdrive was shown to media (watch the same below) and a very brief description of Superdrive was given.

I felt the event itself ended so soon. Could have been a bit longer, as I overheard media people complaining that they'd nothing much to record.

Next day at Mumbai airport, I was going through the newspapers to findout what coverage Nano Superdrive got. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed... Almost all newspapers elaborated on Tata Motor's Fund raising plans (as detailed in quarterly plans) and Superdrive news was confined to the caption of photograph. Sad but can't help it.

It was a great experience being part of Nano Superdrive as an Official Blogger. Back home, I'm missing the Nanos (the drive, landmark activities, customer meets...) and getting used to normal life. Stay tuned to for further updates

Summing up Nano Superdrive

on Monday, June 28, 2010

This one image effectively summarizes the Tata Nano and Nano Superdrive

From TataNanoSuperdrive
At each city, we have been holding Nano Carnival, a get together function for Nano owners in the city. We collect feedbacks from them and I spent some time going through the comments and feedbacks. Almost all of them open heartedly praised Nano.

As we're getting ready for the closing ceremony, just recalling all wonderful moments we had during past 26 days...

Superdrive Concludes in Mumbai

on Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yesterday afternoon Green Route Nanos arrived in Mumbai and we handed over the cars to Concorde motors. That was the end of Nano Superdrive after an incredible 5300+kms.

Things have been different since then- My schedule has suddenly changed- No landmark activities, no long drives, no next city to visit :(. Couple of people from back office who used to make daily calls to check if everything has been fine, spoke with heavy heart on Friday, as that was the last time they would be calling me to check if everything is fine...

The other two teams, Saffron and White also arrived in City today and I met the other two official bloggers after a month's time.

We're all looking forward to closing ceremony tomorrow evening, in the presence of Mr Ratan Tata.

It was great experience travelling with the nanos all over south India. Please stay tuned to this blog and my primary blog, for continued updates.

With warm regards
Shrinidhi Hande

Chota Nano ka Mota manual

While nano may be a small car, its workshop service manual is small by no means. Running into few hundred pages with detailed sketches and instruction, workshop manual is fairly thick and reminded me of my college reference books...

From TataNanoSuperdrive
Thankfully owner's manual is much simpler version
From TataNanoSuperdrive