Check out Tata Jaguar!

on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

While I am riding around in World’s cheapest car, also got an opportunity to take a close look at Tata’s recently acquired jaguar and Land Rover, the two iconic and international brands. Have taken some close shots

I noticed 2 variants of Jaguar. The XJL and XK, the convertible. Both have 5 litre V8 petrol power plant.(That’s close to 8 nanos in terms of cc)  These cars are priced 65 lakh onwards. (XK Range costs upto 90 lakhs)
IMG_0243 IMG_0236
IMG_0241 IMG_0240
Land Rover, on the other hand, would compete with the likes of Toyota Landcruiser Prado and 200, with a price tag starting at 65 lakhs with special edition going beyond Rs 1 crore.
IMG_0247 IMG_0230

From 1 lakh to 1 crore, Tata Motors have lots to offer...Chose your pic.


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