Fuel prices may go up again! Get a Nano

on Monday, June 7, 2010

Media reports are hinting at an impending fuel price hike, affecting vehicle owners all over India.

" Petrol and diesel will cost Rs 2.71 a litre and Rs 2.55 a litre more, as Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee increased the customs and excise duties on both removing a concessionary regime set in place early last year when global oil prices shot up to $ 112 (Rs 5,020) a barrel. They have since stabilised at $ 75 (Rs 3,775) a barrel."... read full news on HT

Compared to other cars, nano owners are less effected by the burden of fuel price hike, as Nano delivers a superior fuel economy of 20kmpl or more, with AC!

Keep watching this space as we bring more details on Nano's fuel economy (and of course all other features)


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