Nano's advantages over Audi R8

on Saturday, June 19, 2010

There's no comparison, but lets compare anyway...

What does a Nano have that Audi R8 V10 doesn't? (We had spotted one in LOnavla)

From TataNanoSuperdrive
Nano has some unique advantages which the overpriced sports car can't offer...

  • Nano can comfortably take 4-5 people while R8 can seat only 2.
  • Audi R8 costs 160 thousand pounds while Nano costs a fraction of that...
  • 2 Nanos can be parked using the parking space required by an R8
  • Nano's Max speed can probably be reached within city itself, but to drive R8 at its top speed, one has to escape from city n hit a highway.
  • When you zip across in an R8 people may not notice, but when you drive around in Nano, you'll be noticed for sure...
  • In terms of turning radius, maintenance, fuel economy, spare costs and lots of other aspects, Nano does win over Audi R8


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