What my schedule is like, on a Travel day

on Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Those who are not aware of my road trip, often ask me how was my weekend... For past 21 days, there's been no weekday or weekend for me. All my days are classified into either of the two categoris... Travel day and City Events day.

If it is a travel day, it means most of the day will be spent in the car, driving from one city to another. We'll have a flag off from the city dealer in the morning and then the journey starts. Depending on the distance the start time varies. If it is shorter distance (<300kms) then we start by 10am kind or if its long, say 400-500kms, then we start early- 5-6am.

At times we'll have test drive winners and media people accompanying us. Tata Motors officials who join us for the route would also enjoy driving.

With a few stops for fuel, lunch or visiting any Tata Dealers enroute, we would reach the destination city by evening. We keep track of expenses, kms done, fuel economy and so on. There was only one exceptional case where we couldn't reach the destination by evening and had to make an unscheduled halt at Calicut.

Once we reach the destination city, cars will be handed over to respective Tata Motors dealer there, our event Manager Shiva would brief the officials there on the journey so far, plan for next two days and what's expected from their end. Dealers would provide two Nano cars, one each to be displayed at the Mall and the customer meet venue hotel. Other than that they'd provide assistance in terms of routes etc.

Then I'll be dropped off at my hotel... I open the laptop and check how good is the internet connection. My work starts then, uploading photos, blog posts, checking mails, sending high res photos by email to a few people and so on... Usually internet speeds will be just manageable to poor in most of the cities, particularly inside the room. Of late I have started getting out of the room and sitting in the open, hoping for better connectivity.

I scan the menu, order something for dinner and call it a day.


Naresh Kamath said...

sounds very hectic buddy :D..but fr a good cause...cheers to you..great work by the entire team..

Superdrive said...
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Shrinidhi Hande said...

Yes, a bit hectic at times, but manageable...

Thanks a lot

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