Shalini Palace, Kolhapur

on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hotel Shalini Palace in Kolhapur is a wonderful building. It was a palace constructed in 1931-34, at a cost of Rs 8 lakhs (relatively, Shaniwar Wada in Pune was built at a cost of just Rs 16000 (full details)

From TataNanoSuperdrive
The palace is located on the bank of Rankala lake, has lots of greenery around and is a perfect place to relax. Room rents range from Rs 1500 to 6000 (for the top end Maharaja Suite)

Shalini Palace was also the host for our Customer Meet, nano Carnival in Kolhapur.

Here're some photos of the hotel.

From TataNanoSuperdrive

From TataNanoSuperdrive

Clock tower does show a small time difference...
From TataNanoSuperdrive
However, I find that campus is not so well maintained. Lots of beer bottles, broken metal pieces and other disposable items are found thrown around within the campus...


anjali gupta said...

I've been searching about hotels in Kolhapur and got to see your blog. Shalini palace looks good and price range is also fine, it would be great if you could share more pictures. :)

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