Kolhapur's Mercedes Benz connection

on Friday, June 25, 2010

Kolhapur, as a city is fairly small in area. The streets are poorly maintained, with no traffic signals in operation. However Kolhapur is a very ancient city, famous for its food, headwear, footwear, jewellery, wrestling and religious connections. According to legend it was settled by Kolha-Asur, a demon who was later killed by Mahalakshmi to relieve the local populace. However, honoring the demon's dying wish, the city was named after him.

As we passed through Kolhapur, we recalled that Kolhapur city also houses several rich businessmen. Apparently, Mercedez Benz had opened its second dealership in Maharastra at Kolhapur, after Mumbai. We were told that long ago, when a rich business man from Kolhapur went to Mumbai to place an order for a Merc, the staff and show room said "Sorry sir, we don't deliver to small towns like Kolhapur" This aggravated the the businessman completely.
sea-side Shri_merc2
(Above: File photos of me with Merc)

Back home, he met his peers in Kolhapur and all of them together, went to Mumbai and placed a bulk order for 110 Mercedes Benz cars. This shocked and surprised Merc officials, including those sitting in its headquarters. Subsequently Merc opened a dedicated showroom in Kolhapur and rest is history. (Read a related Times of India article)

And now, Kolhapur seems to have a competition. It looks like rich people at neighboring Aurangabad have placed a bulk order for 114 Mercs (details), half of them for the E class and rest split across categories...

Unfortunately I couldn't meet any of those super rich people in Kolhapur, but managed to click this poorly clad gentleman counting crisp notes by the road side...His face was intentionally avoided to protect his identity...(Isn't that a great way of covering up my photographic mistake? ;D )

From TataNanoSuperdrive
Right now I am dancing to this song from the movie, Mamma Mia...
Money Money Money... its so funny... in a rich man's world!

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