New Member in our convoy

on Saturday, June 26, 2010

While travelling from Solhapur to Nasik, we had a minor incident. On the highway, a cow decided to take an abrupt turn and came in front of our red car. Before something could be done, there was a collision. Car's front part- bumper and bonnet got smashed, while the cow fell off on its stomach. No one was hurt. The cow got up, recovered from its shock and ran away, while we had to continue our journey with the red car. There was no harm to the functionality of the car and we could drive it till Nasik.

From TataNanoSuperdrive

I was in a different car ahead in convoy and learnt about the incident only a few kms ahead. A rather unfortunate incident but thankfully no one suffered any injury. Our event manager, Shiva, who was in a car behind, described how he saw the cow abruptly crossing the path of the car and how nothing could be done to avoid a hit...

Eventually, we had to replace the car with a different one and for the last 2 days, we got this new white Nano cx for company. The red car was favorite of many, particularly FM and media people. Currently it must be busy getting back in shape :)

From TataNanoSuperdrive


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