Day 19: Bengaluru-Kolhapur

on Monday, June 21, 2010

Bengaluru to Kolhapur was the longest stretch in Green route (about 630kms). We left early from Bangalore, at about 6am and we were under the impression that it might take long time to reach Kolhapur.

However, we were all surprised to realized that we've reached Kolhapur before sunset, by around 6.30PM. The roads were superb (except one small stretch) and the vehicles cruised at their top speed most of the time.

Zig wheels (a Times of India Supplement) representatives gave us company and drove the car through out the distance.

From TataNanoSuperdrive
Our first pitstop was at Kamat Upachar near Tumkur. Kamats are a popular chain of restaurants and on almost every highway that leaves Bangalore (towards Mysore/Kolar/Tumkur/Hyd etc), Kamat's have a restaurant. Tasty, hygenic and economic veg food.
From TataNanoSuperdrive
With Kolhapur,Green Route has completed one full circle... We'd passed through Kolhapur while crusing from Pune to Goa earlier today, the circle is complete. I could quickly recall the terrain and tollgates we'd passed through...

The whole drive took just about twleve and a half hours, including breaks and rest. Driving time was effectively 10 hours. About 1700 Rs worth of petrol was consumed by each of the cars, which calculates into about 20+ kmpl (Considering that we drove with AC on and drove at 100kmph+ for most of the time, this is an amazing figure)


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