Curious case of Mr. Ranjit Patel

on Friday, June 4, 2010

When Tata Nano Cavalry stopped by at Prime Market, Surat, we'd several curious looks. One gentleman, Mr Ranjit Patel, who owns a shop at prime market, had many questions about Nano and explored the car in detail.

From TataNanoSuperdrive

Ranjit first asked what's this (3 Nanos with routemap and superdrive logos being displayed) all about. We explained him the Superdrive mission, how we're covering 36 cities in 26 days in 9 Nanos. Visibly impressed, Mr Patel wanted to know the pricing of the car, for which I mentioned that on road prices start at around 1.3 lakh for the base version and top end LX BS4 costs upto 1.7 lakhs on road (varies from city to city)

Ranjit next asked what are the various features in each variant. He said "What's this material made of (for the car body)? Is it aluminium or steel? Some of my friends said the body is made from aluminium... is it true?" For this, Mr Jigar Shah of Tata Motor clarified that the car body is made from Cast Iron and Aluminium is used for engine... The Nano has cleared crash tests and all safety norms.

Mr Patel then enquired about power steering and airbags. Power steering is not required for this car as one can easily manage without it. Airbags aren't mandatory in India and car has cleared all stipulated safety norms.

Mr Patel's next doubt was "Kya yeh hills pe chad payegi?" (Will it climb the hills?) We reaffirmed him that it can. We showed our route map where we'll be climbing western ghats to reach Coimbatore from Cochin.

Mr Patel with Jigar Shah of Tata Motors. From TataNanoSuperdrive

Mr Patel had many questions about the AC, engine, interiors. He explored the car to his heart's content and returned happy.


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