Bloggers meet...

on Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just met the other two official bloggers of Tata Nano Superdrive. Sankara CS from Bangalore and Deb from New Delhi.

I was the first to reach Ahmedabad and Sankara was next. Deb's flight was delayed by a few hours and he joined us by the afternoon.

the 3 official bloggers for Tata Nano

There's been some change of plans. We're not going to Sanand where the launch is currently happening. Instead, we'll be starting our journeys directly from Ahmedabad. I'll be the first to start this evening and reach Surat by late evening, while Sankara and Deb will be starting tomorrow early morning...

I had a brief discussion with showbiz entertainment, who are the event managers for the road trip. As I understand they've detailed activities lined up in each of the cities that Nano is scheduled to visit.

Looking forward to visit the local Tata dealer this evening, from where our mission would be flagged off... Stay tuned...


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