Arrived in Ahmadabad

on Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just arrived in Ahmedabad and checked into Ginger Hotel, Drive in Road.

As I questioned the taxi driver about Gujarath's 50th anniversary (Golden Jubilee celebrations), he responded very energetically stating "Today Nano launch is happening no sir, lot of our cars have gone there..."

I briefed him as to why I am here and that a superdrive is planned, he listened very attentively.

Some first picturs of Ahmedabad City. As the count down for superdrive is on, standby for more and more pics

50 years of vibrant Gujarath... Golden Jubilee Celebrations
Golden Jubilee celebrations

R3 Mall

Himalaya Mall, Drive in Road

My room in Ginger Hotel...

Looking forward to meet the fellow bloggers and rest of tata team


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