Sanand, here we come

on Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It has been a very hectic day. Lots of work to do before leaving home for a month long road trip. Has been running around making utility and credit card payments, winding up work at office, finalizing preparations for the trip, packing, discussions with Tata Nano teams on various arrangements and so on...

The support from family and friends have been amazing. For every tweet or facebook update, people took time and effort to provide valuable comments, feedback, wishing me and the superdrive initiative all the best. I'm thankful to their whole hearted support. This has made me more responsible because I know there're several people seriously awaiting to read more details about the Nano Superdrive.

Couple of friends wanted me to find out how Tata could make Nano so cheap... What spares they use, who makes them and at what cost... Others asked me if we can take a deviation and visit their town, which is not covered by the planned route. Others came up with ideas where all we could drive, click photos and so on.

The wait is almost over... In a few hours from now I'll be boarding flight to Ahmedabad and by today evening, we'll be on the move. Eagerly looking forward to meet my fellow bloggers, Tata Nano team, event organizers and others. Standby.


Ramachandran said...

Any stoppage at Calicut, if so let me know the date and time.

Superdrive said...

Dear Ramachandran, Unfortunately as of now Calicut is not on the plan. Will keep you posted. -nidhi

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